Come and enter the wonderful word of Lemon Drop Books with Big Fish Little Fish. Mark Lemon is a dad, author and an all-round inspiration to parents. Motivated by his love of reading with his own children and a frustration at not being able to find children’s books with non-white characters in them, he decided to create his own stories. Writing the books on his commute to and from work, Mark found his illustrator Maia Walczak and after getting impatient waiting for publishers to get back to him, decided to publish them himself. Lemon Drop Books was born and Mark has now published three books in his Otis & Thea Lemon series. The books tell magical tales of Otis and Thea Lemon (characters based on his own children) as they buddy up with their side kicks – Professor Poopy and the Super Sweet Fairy Godmother. Mark has committed himself full time to writing now and is delighted to be part of the Big Fish Little Fish family. His readings at our events have been a hit and are accompanied by huge projections of his beautifully illustrated books. Kids love taking ten minutes out of the rave to relax with Otis and Thea Lemon and we are delighted that he will be joining us again at the end of season spectacular at Alexandra Palace on 23rd July. The Lemon Drop Book team will be there on the day to join in the fun and there will be books on sale. If you can’t wait though, head over to Amazon and get your own copies…that way you can get them signed on the day!

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