We are gearing up for our first events of 2021 (so excited to be back!) and to help us celebrate a return to some sort of normality, we’re teaming up with Lucy from Tilly Two Stitch with a fantastic competition. Five lucky people will win a £25 voucher to spend on her fabulous handmade leggings, harem pants, masks, hats and more! The vibrant colours and fun patterns are just perfect for raving in. 

They have an array of exclusive designs which include vinyl records, disco balls and a festival theme to name a few. Lucy also donates 25% of her profits to Mind, the mental health charity. 

Hi Lucy! Great to meet you – we’d love to know more about Tilly Two Stitch:

How did you decide to launch your own brand and how did you come up with the name? 

When I had my daughter Tilly I used to buy her handmade clothing made from really quirky prints.  I used to love that it could be worn by girls and boys and was different. I wanted to be able to make something similar. I was bought a sewing machine for my birthday and signed myself up for sewing lessons. I started simple with cushions, Christmas stockings and sacks (much to my husbands annoyance), but then lost confidence and mojo. 

In 2020 COVID took over our lives and I joined a local sewing group that were making scrub bags for the NHS. I then said to my husband I’d like to start making masks but also donate money to charity. My mother-in-law has suffered with her Mental Health all of her adult life so Mind was the obvious choice. This then gave me the confidence to start doing what I have wanted to do for a while, which is make children’s clothes! My husband and I always called our daughter TillyTwoShoes and my friend Natasha came up with the name TillyTwoStitch. 

What did you do ‘before kids’ and how do you think it has helped you with Tilly Two Stitch?

I worked for a publishing company for 20 years, so from a sewing perspective absolutely nothing! But it did teach me skills which has helped me market my business. 

How did you go about designing your exclusive patterns and where do you get your inspiration? Does Tilly ever help you come up with ideas?

I’m extremely lucky I have found some fantastic designers who have helped me bring my ideas to life. Music is really important to me so vinyls and disco balls were obvious choices. The festival theme came from a chat Tills and I had about what she loves about Camp Bestival. 

As you have such a fab festival design – are you going to any festivals this year? What is your favourite festival? 

Yes we are and we are going to Camp Bestival. We have been a few times now and are huge fans. We go with our friends and their children and have the most magical weekend. A lot of time is spent in the Bollywood tent. I used to hate camping, I’ve been converted! 

We’ll see you there! What is your favourite place to go with Tilly, either locally to you or on holiday? 

Camping in France, and Top of the Woods In Pembrokeshire. And after the last 12 months anywhere but home is great. 

Can you give us a few tunes you like to dance to with your daughter? 

Andronicus – make you whole 

Jess Glynn –  hold my hand (tills favourite tune)

Edwynn Starr – HAPPY (I love disco)

There were a lot of kitchen discos as part of homeschooling. 

Who is your favourite DJ? Have you ever seen them perform live? 

One of my favourites from my clubbing days in my very younger years was Judge Jules. I used to go to Legends on a weekly basis. I also loved seeing Masters at Work at the ministry back in the day. Always a treat seeing those guys. 

Absolutely! Thank you so much for your time. 

TillyTwoStitch is offering 5 lucky winners the chance to each win a £25.00 gift voucher to spend on some cool clobber for your little ravers. You can enter on our facebook, instagram, twitter and RIGHT HERE if you leave a comment with your favourite pattern from her collection before 8pm on Monday 24th May 2021. Her website is https://tillytwostitch.com

You can follow Lucy on instagram at @tillytwostitch

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