Both Big Fish Little Fish and our friends at Synth giants Korg believe you are never too young to start your musical journey. At this Sunday’s ‘Anchors Aweigh’ rave at the Museum of London Docklands, Korg will be giving your budding Brian Enos and Delia Derbyshires the chance to get their mitts on a whole range of synthesisers. Experts will be on hand to show how easy it is to get some great sounds out of these products, and light the flame for a musical adventure.

Just because something is called a toy piano, doesn’t mean it has to sound like a toy. The KORG tinyPIANO is a digital piano made by a musical instrument manufacturer renowned for professional instruments with all the expertise that entails. It’s perfect for giving them a taste for real musicianship. Atticus (aged 4, pictured below with the tinyPIANO) had to be physically dragged away by Dad, protesting “I don’t want to leave!”


Attach the clips to a magazine, desk, (or almost any surface) transforming them into an electronic drum kit. For children and adults alike, the ClipHit can be used for fun or serious practice. No need for external power supply or speaker, the ClipHit can be powered by AA batteries and with its built in speaker making this a completely self-contained product.


The original hand held touch synthesiser that needs no music training. Using a finger, stroke or swipe the touch pad to create evocative melodies and music phrases. KAOSSILATOR includes synth, bass and acoustic sounds, drum grooves, sound effects and lots more. Crammed with technology that makes it difficult to make mistakes, the KAOSSILATOR will give you instant results that are both original and rewarding.

The original ribbon synthesizer from KORG featuring a full analogue sound engine. Learn the basics of sound mangling with the three different variants of this pocket synth, which can come surprisingly close in sound to your favourite techno, acid and dub records. Alex (Aged 5) says of the Monotron “It’s really great because you can make so many different noises with it. I like making robot bird sounds”.

If the Monotrons catch your imagination then the Volcas are definitely not to be missed. Including a feature rich analogue sound engine the Volcas offer straightforward sound creation with the added benefit of a simple step sequencer. The sequencer allows you to quickly create short musical phrases in much the same way as professional musician or DJ but with all the complexity removed. Ask for a demo and see how easy it is.

The Korg workshops at BFLF are free and each child will have a 10 – 15 minute session. Parents must remain with their children at all times during the workshop.

Products are available to buy at Big Fish Little Fish at specially reduced prices.

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