If you’ve been to a Big Fish Little Fish recently you may have noticed the fantastic giant balloons we have been using – 3ft wide! They have been a HUGE hit with everyone bouncing up and down across the dance floor and dwarfing the toddlers when they manage to get hold of one for a bit. At the Garage last week one became stuck in the lighting rig and was still there when we left and I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve overheard carefully explaining to their children that it wouldn’t fit in the car/on the bus home. They’ve had quite an impact.

Anyway – they have been provided by Fabulous Partyware. So if you’re planning your own party and are looking for something a little bit different, a little bit quirky, a little bit of WOW factor – Fabulous Partyware offers premium quality, luxury party ware with a fantastic collection of themed party supplies for both children and adults, with a personal touch. The owner of this independent business, Hayley Bryon, is on hand to help you with any advice you may need or even to make a bespoke Pass-the-parcel tailored to your needs and budget.

· Gorgeous jaw dropping decorations from giant 3ft balloons to pretty handmade bunting

· Party/gift bags – made from quality paper, that can be used again and again by your party guests or even used as gift bags

· Princess and Knight castle cupcake stands and many more fancy cupcake stands that can be used as toys long after the party

· Party bag toys and Hats – A great selection of lovely traditional, wooden toys, craft kits, princess crowns and plenty more!

· Tableware – Superior quality themed napkins, paper plates, paper cups, tablecloths, cupcake cases and toppers, invites/thank you note packs

· Just launched – Personal bespoke Pass the parcel service – you choose what you want and it will be delivered to your door within days!

View the website www.fabulouspartyware.com

Love Hannah x

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