It’s not that we don’t like socks at Big Fish Little Fish, we realise people need foot coverings. But, we just think that maybe… Dads might like something a little more… different and fun? So we’re here to save the day for all the male care givers in your families and suggest some alternatives.

Something to do

Family Rave Tickets – we are a tad biased here. But, we really do think bringing the fellas along to hear their favourite tunes with their favourite people (and a pint) is way up there in the

View our Event Listings and find an event near you and then print off some of our decorative tickets to include in the card.

If you can’t find an event on sale that suits then you can buy a voucher to redeem at a future event. Email stating your region if you would like to buy one and keep your options open.

The festival world has also opened up and so many of them are family-friendly. You can find us, and many other fantastic family entertainers at these festivals:

Bigfoot Festival
Ragley Hall // Warwickshire // June 18th- 20th
Mostly Jazz, Funk & Soul
Birmingham // July 09th – 11th
Camp Bestival
Dorset // 29th July – 1st August
Barefoot Festival
Leicestershire // 30th July – 2nd August
Alfreso Festival
Tunbridge Wells // 27th – 29th August

The Present

If you like to give something to ‘open’ – how about a rave-inspired prezzie to get into the skank-out-spirit?

  1. Disco Light – £11.99 from Amazon
A simple, but very impressive, at home disco light.

2. Acid House Rave Mug from Museum of Youth Culture – £18

I could have listed the whole shop to be honest, there’s so many unique product on here for all music tastes. 

3. Long Relationships. My Incredible Journey from Unknown DJ to Small-Time DJ, Harold Heath from Velocity Press- From £9.99

We also did an interview with the author which you can read here

4. Joe Mugford’s Bass, Mids, Tops from abebooks – £13.58

Another great read – an oral history of the UK’s soundsystem culture

5. Bringing up Race, Uja Asika from Yellow Kite Books – £16.99

A thought-provoking read – How do you bring up your kids to be kind and happy when there is so much out there trying to break them down?

6. Glow in the dark T-Shirt with Pen from The Rave Cave  – £19.50

For the big kids. You can also find kid’s versions of these tops if you want to match.

On the Day

Load Father’s Day up with lots of great tunes! Something that we can definitely help with! Free sets from legendary DJS are available on our website & our Mixcloud and you can also view all our Kitchen Raves on our Youtube channel

Rave-on people! See you soon!

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