KITCHEN RAVE – THE FINALE. Sunday 13th June 12:30 – 1:30pm

The original family rave Big Fish Little Fish streamed free weekly from our kitchens/gardens/sheds/living room/bathroom – anywhere we can!
Well it has been a lot of fun but this Sunday we are playing THE FINALE of the regular Kitchen Raves. They’ll be back occasionally for specials and we may broadcast live from some festivals but we won’t be doing them every week in future. But we are going out with a BANG with BFLF crew DJs Cyndi Wallauper, Leme, Little My & High Eight and Silver Vixen all having a quick spin to say ‘goodbye for now’. So, grab your kids and your bubbles and have a rave with us once more round your house!
NB the earlier start time of 12:30pm to avoid the Euros!
Please note, only view via the links on our website (see below) or via our Facebook page. All of our online events are free and do not require ANY kind of subscription, and you should never be asked to pay to access them or for bank details. Please ignore fraudulent links, and all such links will be removed as soon as possible.
Join us Sunday 13 June 12:30pm via Facebook Live/YouTube/Twitch. Join the over 1 MILLION families who have already joined us online. Together on the (virtual) dancefloor. Rave on!
From our home to yours. Now, more than ever, families need music, fun and dancing.
Until then, stay safe and let’s all do our best to get through this – together on the (virtual) dance-floor.
Go to our main Facebook Page and like the page. Some of you may need to go to the Videos bit to view and the stream appears as LIVE. You’ll get a notification when we go live at 12:30pm. If Facebook cuts us off, we will restart the stream, so just go back to the page and find the new stream, OR get an uninterrupted stream at Twitch or YouTube.
Also click Going/Interested on the Facebook event to find out the latest info.
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