HERTFORDSHIRE: ‘Flower Power’ themed family rave rave legend DJ Slipmatt 12th February Hoddesdon Spotlight

The Big Fish Little Fish multi-sensory dancefloor experience brings together world famous DJ Slipmatt, club lighting, free glowsticks, bubbles, glitter cannon, huge balloons and a giant parachute dance finale.

A huge part of the BFLF family rave is Captain Cookie and her kids’ craft activities – cover yourself in temporary tattoos, colour in a giant mural and make dance floor accessories at Captain Cookie’s craft activities.

The toddler play space provides break away areas with tents and tunnels while the baby chill out area offers soft mats, beanbags and ball pool.

Daft, social, quirky, sometimes teetering-on-the-edge-of-insanity but always a shedload of fun – you can expect upfront tunes spanning all dance genres. Techno, hip hop, house, disco, UK garage, rave, drum ‘n’ bass and some definition-defying curveballs make this the party that starts hard and never stops – well, not until teatime anyway.