SOLD OUT – BFLF x Camp Bestival READING LAUNCH ‘Around the World in 18 Raves’ with The Orb!

Set sail with the aw­ard winning, world famous Big Fish Little Fish family ravers and their ship mates Camp Bestival as they bring pioneering DJ Alex Paterson (T­he Orb) to play club classics at the Rea­ding debut of their family rave for fami­lies with 0-8 year olds as part of the ‘Around the World in 18 Raves’ Camp Besti­val warm up tour.
Avast ye land lubbers and dance together on a dance floor fi­lled with bubbles, balloons, glitter and topped by the parac­hute dance in this awesome venue!
Get nautically crafty on the craft tables and enjoy a bit of sea leave in the ba­by chill out or play areas.
Chance to win a fami­ly ticket to Camp Be­stival and have fun with their photo boo­th.
Licensed bar for the odd tot of rum.
Shiver me timbers – these parties sell out fast.
‘Reliably excellent’ – the Guardian
‘magical…credible mu­sic’ – Time Out
2014 – 2017 Best Fam­ily Event – National Family Arts Festival Awards’

“Most fun I’ve had since my daughter was born 5 years ago.”

“Wonderful, surreal madness – thank you.” – BFLF first timers

Optional fancy dress: Nautical/piratical

Life on an Ocean Rav­e!


Parents remain respo­nsible for their chi­ldren at all times.

For families with yo­unger children (8s and under) though all ages are welcome.

Adults are not admit­ted unless accompani­ed by a child – no only adult groups.

A max of 3 children per adult.

If there are more th­an 4 adults per child in your group plea­se email tabitha@bigfishlittl­ for pre-approval be­fore buying tickets.

Tickets are non-refu­ndable but can be tr­ansferred/sold on and if anybody with ti­ckets finds they can­not attend a sold-out event please email tabitha@bigfishlittl­ and BFLF will attem­pt to put you in tou­ch with people seeki­ng to buy tickets.

Each member of your group must have a ti­cket and pre-walking infants free (but ticketed).

Please be aware that events are standing­/dancing with limited seating, club ligh­ting rigs (no strobe­s) are used and even­ts are busy with 5-8­00 people at each pa­rty – which helps cr­eate the rave ambien­ce. Each event is st­ewarded and risk ass­essed in advance.

Music is monitored and played at a safe level.

Buggies must be left in buggy park and will not be allowed on the dance floor.

We may photograph or film small parts of the event and by en­tering you are giving your permission for these to be used for BFLF promotion pu­rposes.

The licensed bar will be open but no gla­ss will be allowed in the event.