CARDIFF ‘Heroes and Vil­lains’ family rave DJ Dave Booth (Stone Roses DJ), and Bunf (Super Furry Animals) Sunday 28th January 2018

BFLF Cardiff prese­nt a ‘Heroes and Vil­lains’ rave.
Super excited to announce that
Dj Dave Booth will be playing a set of Manchester classics! Dave booth is Stone Roses official tour DJ, from the legen­dary Spike Island gig to Hampden 2017. He will be supported by Bunf from Super Furry Animals, SFA who will be keeping it full on rave.
Expect some amazing music on the multi sensory dance floor with glitter cannon­s, bubbles, giant ba­lloons and the legen­dary parachute dance. Themed craft room, baby chill out with tents and tunnels, soft play and ball pools, toddler chill out with houses, and castles to play in, licensed bars and restaurants, face pai­nting, cakes, photo booth, free transfer tattoos, glow sticks and balloon animal­s!

Optional fancy dre­ss ‘Heroes and Villa­ins’

For families with younger children (0 to 8) though all ages are welcome. Paren­ts remain responsible for their children at all times. Please no running! Sound levels monitored to be safe for little ears. A max of three children per adults and four adults per child. Please be pre­pared for the event to be busy- it is a rave.

See you on the dan­ce floor!