TUNBRIDGE WELLS BFLF @ Neverland Leefest

We’re thrilled to announce we’ll be playing at Leefest “Neverland” 2017!

Big Fish Little Fish take the banging tunes, unity and escapism you remember from the classic days of rave and bring them to a new family audience so you can enjoy the dance floor TOGETHER. With DJ Will Nicol (Northern Soul Rave Patrol) you can re-live those brilliant times with a toddler on your shoulders and a pint in your hand!

Big Fish Little Fish Family Raves have something for everyone – young and, ahem, slightly older. Have fun at Captain Cookie’s craft tables where kids can make and decorate dance floor accessories and dance under glitter cannons, bubbles and a giant parachute.

BFLF were named ‘Best Family Event’ both by audiences and judges at this year’s national Family Arts Festival Awards

‘Reliably excellent’ – The Guardian

‘Credible music..magical’ – Time Out

‘3 best days of my life: getting married, birth of child and now THIS!’ – BFLF first timer

‘Raving always came from the heart and BFLF helps you share that love of dancing together with your family as well as friends. See you on the dance floor!’ – Hannah (Founder BFLF)